• 空氣吊挂的組成大略敘述

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   In the history of the development of vehicles, the comfort of vehicles has been a problem many people are committed to solve.But with the emergence of air suspension, the problem of comfort and ease has also been well improved.The air suspension system consists of an air spring, a shock absorber, an air supply unit guide mechanism, and a body height control system.Below we will be deeply familiar with all the functions of air suspension.


   1. 空氣彈簧按气囊结构型式可以分成囊式、膜式和复合式三种。一样觉得合适而运用囊式空氣彈簧,它由夹有帘线的橡胶气囊和严严密封闭闭空气组成,气囊有单节和多节式,节数越多弹性越好,但严密封闭性差; 

   1. The air spring can be divided into three types: capsule type, membrane type and compound type.Like feel appropriate and the use of capsule type air spring, it is clamped by the curtain line of the rubber airbag and tightly closed air composition, airbag has a single and multi-section, the more the number of sections, the better the elasticity, but tight sealing poor; 


   2. Shock absorber is mainly used to attenuate the body vibration;


   3. The guide mechanism is composed of longitudinal thrust bar and transverse thrust bar, etc., which is used to transfer the longitudinal force and lateral force between the car body and the axle, as well as the torque generated during driving and braking.Remedial air spring can only assume the lack of vertical load.


   4. The air supply unit contains air pressure reducing machine, single valve, air circuit, gas storage tank, solenoid valve, etc.Mainly used for generating, storing and controlling compressed air.



   5. The body height control system is divided into mechanical control system and electronic control system.Height control sensors are mounted near the front, rear, right and left four suspension frames.His job was to check and see how the height of the car was measured, and to convert it into an electronic signal that went into the control unit ECU.The perfect connection between the control of the electrified circulation sub-technology and the air suspension system makes the performance of the air suspension system perfectly display.