• 橡胶空氣彈簧和复合橡胶空氣彈簧的差别?

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   What is the difference between a rubber air spring and a compound rubber air spring?


   Rubber air spring is now a common shock absorber, so, do you know the rubber air spring and composite rubber air spring what is the difference?If you don't know, you might as well take a look at the introduction of a small pine summer article.



   Rubber air spring: is a kind of high elastomer, the manufacture material has the ordinary rubber.The spring has small elastic modulus and large elastic variation under load, so as to absorb shock and oscillation.It can be subjected to multiple loads at the same time, but the high temperature resistance and oil resistance than the steel spring.It can be made of oil-resistant rubber if there is special requirement.The product damping effect is good, the resonance field is small, the use of life preservation years long, low cost, and the name of the heart of the cold resistance, good air tightness, waterproof, electrical insulation, is the best choice for vibration reduction. 


   复合橡胶弹簧:是由金属螺旋弹簧及其外边包裹的优质硫化橡胶共同构成。集金属弹簧和橡胶弹簧的有点于一体,克服了金属弹簧刚性大、工作噪音高及橡胶弹簧承重量小、形状及机械性能牢稳性差等欠缺。具有更高的负荷量和大变型量、减震降噪效果更好、工作平稳当当、共振区间短等有点。 总的来说复合橡胶弹簧相比较橡胶弹簧,前者形状受金属螺旋弹簧限制,线性要求高,重量重,但是其承重负荷量大的有点却不是纯橡胶弹簧可比拟的。

   Compound rubber spring: it is composed of metal coil spring and vulcanized rubber.Set metal spring and rubber spring in one, overcome the metal spring rigidity, high noise and rubber spring bearing small weight, shape and mechanical properties of poor stability.It has the advantages of higher load and large variation, better shock absorption and noise reduction, smooth operation and short resonance range.In general, compared with rubber spring, composite rubber spring is limited by the shape of the metal coil spring, high linear requirements, heavy weight, but its bearing capacity is not pure rubber spring comparable.