• 橡膠氣囊在施工前的介紹

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Impermeability is one of the important functions of rubber air bag.The ability of rubber to block air passages at a given pressure.The higher the air pressure, the better the anti-air performance.

All membrane-forming rubber airbags do not store energy because some polymers contain hydrophilic groups.



Some polymer molecules contain hydrophilic groups, and the affinity of these hydrophilic groups to water molecules is greater than the hydrogen bond force between water molecules, thus damaging the storage capacity of water-classified polymer materials. For example, the coating film of polyvinyl acetate emulsion is a white phenomenon after water, that is, water molecules penetrate the interior of the polymer.



The merge time is the time from rubber activation to failure.Before the use of two-component rubber, the two components need to be fully mixed and stirred to the average, and the two components go through the necessary chemical reaction, and finally become a cross-linked three-dimensional structure of rubber.The combination time refers to the time from the chemical reaction of components to the loss of structural function.Beyond this time, the construction of rubber has become a problem, and rubber's various functional indicators can not be effectively guaranteed.


Before construction, the rubber ball should be mixed evenly, especially the two-component reaction rubber ball.After the coating is finished, it will gradually cross connect to form a film.Some solvents or gases can not be completely discharged, in the use of the process will gradually evaporate, resulting in rubber volume and size changes.Rubber produces a strong internal stress.Materials are produced under long-term internal stress.Accelerate ageing, craze, lose prevent qigong energy even.Thermal expansion rate is a technical performance index used to determine the shape change of rubber after heating.