• 排水管道封堵氣囊運用方法?

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How to seal the air bag in the drainage pipe?

管道封堵气囊能简单迅速的对管道流水进行阻断排水管道充气管儿塞由数层高级芳香族聚酰胺纤维加强橡胶制成,每一个管塞在交给前,都会在1.5 倍的定额工作压力和相应型号的最大管径条件下进行试。为担保结构的强度,我们觉得合适而运用三倍于管封器定额工作压力的安整个路程度。管塞尤其符合对排水管道封堵、进行憋气试验、闭水试验、漏点查找等维护测短期工作。

Pipe sealing air bag can easily and quickly block the flowing water in the pipe. The inflatable pipe plug of the drainage pipe is made of several layers of advanced aromatic polyamide fiber reinforced rubber, and each pipe plug will be tested under the conditions of 1.5 times the fixed working pressure and the maximum pipe diameter of the corresponding model before being delivered.In order to guarantee the strength of the structure, we consider it appropriate to apply three times as much as the pipe packer working pressure of the whole road.The pipe plug is especially suitable for short-term maintenance test such as sealing of drainage pipe, air holding test, water closing test and leakage point search.



Method of application: put the pipe sealing airbag into the pipe interface of demand blocking, the length of the pipe is the length of the blocker, and then press the compressed air into the specified pressure through the air inlet valve, then start construction. After the completion of construction, open the air inlet valve to release air and take out the blocker.


1, can be widely used in the maintenance of water supply and drainage pipes, break ground repair operations.


2, in line with the use of circular, oval, square culvert and other shapes of the pipeline, sealing diameter of 50-3000 mm.


3. Inflation sealing is convenient and quick.


4, pressure gauge control of atmospheric pressure, accurate and safe.


5. Simple operation, light weight, small size, economical and practical.


6. It is convenient to check the wellhead from small size (650mm) into the large-diameter pipe for water plugging.


7. The whole air bag can bend 90 degrees freely and has certain corrosion resistance.


8. If it is appropriate to use special polymer synthetic materials to manufacture the whole airbag product, the airbag shall be strictly tested at fixed pressure before leaving the factory to ensure the airbag's air tightness and safety.