• 管道空氣彈簧的运行步骤

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Operation steps of pipeline air spring:


Rubber air springs are used in a variety of ways that I'm sure you're all familiar with, right?So, in this issue we will look at all of a sudden the use of air spring pipeline steps.



1. Before application: connect the pipe air spring with the inflatable equipment accessories, and do the air leakage test all at once.Will be filled with air into the pipe air spring filled with water in the basin and hold, with a car check check check to determine the car belt leakage a reason, see whether there is a bubble son, no bubble son can be used, if there is a bubble son is a leak phenomenon need to repair a while.



2, when the use: the pipe air spring is absolutely into the pipe, such as the need for an important position to operate, be sure to install the flange, ensure the safety of staff, the pipe air spring at the end of the air nozzle with pipe, pressure gauge, air pump and other inflatable tools connected, then according to the scale on the pressure gauge to inflate.When inflating, it is assumed that the air spring in the pipe expands to one side, and the atmospheric pressure cannot be exerted. At this time, it is assumed that if the air is inflated again, the air bag will explode.At this time to check the pipe silt is thoroughly cleaned, the inner wall must be smooth, should not have burrs, otherwise it will puncture the air bag.



3. After use: lift the valve of the air spring in the pipeline, slowly release the air, and then vertically extract the air spring in the pipeline. Pay attention not to be pierced by something nearby, which will affect the next use.