• 囊式空氣彈簧在各领域发挥的作用?

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What is the role of the air spring?



Air spring depends on its good shock absorption and isolation performance in improving the accuracy and stability of industrial equipment plays an important role, and has become a new breakthrough in many industries, today air spring manufacturers look at the role of air spring in various fields.


囊式空氣彈簧一样做成两节,但也有单节或端午中秋年节的。节数愈多,弹性愈好。气囊的上、下盖板将气囊严严密封闭闭。它根据节数不同,可以应用在不同物质情形下。囊式空氣彈簧它的 减震效果远比传统底幽钢邮螺旋弹簧,缓和冲突垫等效果要好,空氣彈簧上下端盖板之间用橡胶气囊和压缩空气链接,能够把无论什么频次的震动降到1Hz。另外,由于囊式空氣彈簧的软硬可调,能够在不更换減震器的物质情形下符合运用于多种不同负荷物质情形下的减震,并达到称心的减震效果。如胶合轧机、脱模机、砑光机压辊等,通过调节运用后,囊式空氣彈簧内里压力永远固定,能够根据运用者的要求对设备供给牢稳而连续不断的力量。

Bag type air spring made of two sections, but also a single section or the Dragon Boat Festival Mid-Autumn festival.The more knots, the better the elasticity.The upper and lower cover plates of the air bag seal the air bag tightly.It can be applied to different substances depending on the number of nodes.The shock absorption effect of the air spring is far better than that of the traditional bottom deep steel postcoiling spring and the conflict alleviation pad. The air spring is connected with the rubber bag and compressed air between the upper and lower ends of the cover plate, which can reduce the vibration of whatever frequency to 1Hz.In addition, due to the flexible and flexible air spring can be used in a variety of different load material shock absorption, and achieve satisfactory shock absorption effect.Such as the gluing mill, stripping machine, calender press roller, etc., by adjusting the use, the pressure in the air spring is always fixed, according to the requirements of the user of the equipment to supply a stable and continuous force.



Different from the traditional fixed compression device, when encountering abnormal operation, due to the compressibility of the air, the air spring can be further compressed, so that the equipment "has a way to retreat", to prevent further damage to the equipment.However, due to the high degree of softness of the leather bag, the bag-type air spring not only guarantees the effect of shock absorption, but also eliminates the steps of preset and experiment for curve or sphere operation, so it has a relatively high working compliance when it is directly put into use.Capsule air spring has gradually penetrated into our vehicles, industry and other fields.It is believed that with the development of society and the innovation of technology, the air spring will have a broader prospect of development in the future.