• 货车运用空氣彈簧具有哪一些优势?

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   What are the advantages of using air springs in trucks?The rear axle of the dangerous goods delivery truck with a total mass of more than or equal to 12000kg, the semi-trailer for the whole dangerous goods delivery, as well as the three-axle rail-type semi-trailer and the barrack type semi-trailer shall be equipped with air suspension.What are some of the advantages of using air suspension springs in big trucks?Follow air spring manufacturer to be familiar with together a while.The biggest advantage of air suspension spring suspension is on the one hand can reduce the fluctuation of the impact of goods, ensure the safety of goods transport on the other hand for vehicles from the start can reduce tire wear, reduce fuel consumption.With the popularity of air suspension, more and more large trucks have been equipped with air suspension, let's get familiar with the advantages of air spring for vehicles:



   Small fluctuation range: through the adjustment of air spring can guarantee the height of the car will always be fixed, and can reduce the fluctuation of liquid swing, drop the impact on the tank body, try to take care of the safety of freight, and improve the number of years of tank car use to save life.High economy: air suspension can effectively reduce tire wear and fuel consumption.According to statistics, under the same road condition and cargo condition, the fuel consumption of 100km decreased by more than 1.2 litres. 



   Strengthen the accessories such as tires: the air suspension system can more effectively absorb the vibration brought by the bump road, reduce the distortion and impact of the vehicle walking inside, so the axle parts, tires, frame, box, etc. Have more to call the heart of care.

   安全性: 空气吊挂运送更加平稳当当,运行时,车辆重心几乎无变化,轴向和径向牢稳性令称呼心,行走更安全可靠。觉得合适而运用蹲式制动系统,有效防止紧密刹车时车辆前倾式冲击。到现在截止空气吊挂在欧美卡车基本上已经是标配了,随着国产空气吊挂的成熟,相信在不长的将来空气吊挂也将在国内普及开来。

  Safety: air suspension transport more stable, when running, the center of gravity of the vehicle almost unchanged, axial and radial stability of the name of the heart, walking more safe and reliable.Squatting braking system is used when it is appropriate to prevent the vehicle from lurching forward when braking tightly.Up to now the air hanging in Europe and the United States is basically a standard truck, with the maturity of domestic air hanging, I believe in the not long future air hanging will also be popular in China.