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Industry USES air springs: the prospect of development of air spring is widely used in industrial machinery equipment vibration isolation, as in the press, empty atmospheric pressure indentation machine, from the mind, oscillation transporter, hammer, foundry machinery and textile machinery, optics and laser instrument, integrated circuits, ultra precision machine tools and other precision mechanical equipment and precise testing equipment, has been applied in foreign countries.With the development of society, many people have higher and higher requirements for survival. Due to the increasing number of industrial air-spring vibration isolation technologies, the landscape ahead is very broad.


In mechanical vibration isolation, the air spring as appropriate and the use of constrained membrane and free membrane structure.Air springs can be used in a variety of mechanical devices to alleviate the impact of vibration absorption, control movement or pressure.Compared with the cylinder or other elastic elements with the same function, the air spring has simple structure, reliable operation, no complicated parameter calculation and structure preset, no tight seal leakage problem, easy operation and maintenance, and a long life.If the air spring is used as a conflict reliever, the processing cost can be reduced and the processing accuracy can be guaranteed.In the material transfer, the material box is driven by an oscillator to make the material mix evenly, or to make the material flow into the material box.Oscillations may cause fatigue and even damage to the supporting parts of the bin. Vibration isolation devices must be used as appropriate.


If the use of air springs can provide greater flexibility, adjusting the spring air volume can meet the requirements of different workloads and heights, and will not affect the effect of vibration isolation.In the paper, textile and other industries, the paper or cloth in the winding process demand at a high speed around a lot of transfer roller, because the transmission process demand always fixed tension, so as to avoid loose paper or cloth, distortion or cracks.In the case of this substance, the hollow roller-air spring combination is used to provide a permanent fixed tension.And have strong experience of bearing shock load, try to take care of the transmission device and the transmission piece is not damaged.The air spring is suitable for high pressure and small stroke applications.In the bonding process, feel appropriate and the use of air springs can provide uniform pressure, guarantee bonding quality.Field application shows that the air spring has a better conflict mitigation effect than the steel compression spring, and the number of years of life saved by the use of the air spring is longer, which can improve the efficiency of the equipment and extend the number of years of life saved by the use of the equipment.