• 爲什麽汽車減振器采用橡膠氣囊來吸收沖擊?

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   Why do car shock absorbers use rubber air bags to absorb shocks?



   The results are as follows:


   (1) it has nonlinear characteristics, so it can be designed as an ideal curve.


   (2) rubber airbag shock absorber is conducive to the application of various structural requirements.The working height of the air spring can be maintained under any load, and the spring height is different under the same load.


   (3) good performance in absorbing high-frequency vibration and sound insulation.


   (4) the stiffness of rubber air bag changes with the change of load.Therefore, the natural vibration frequency of the device under any load is constant, so the device has almost constant performance.


   (5) the stiffness of the rubber air bag can be selected by changing the volume of the additional air chamber as required, and the selection is very low.


   (6) a throttle hole is arranged between the rubber air bag body of the air spring and the additional air chamber to play a damping role.Shock absorbers cannot be installed if the aperture is chosen correctly.


    (7) the same air spring rubber air bag can bear both axial and radial load, but also bear the transfer torque, and can obtain different bearing capacity by adjusting the internal pressure, so as to meet the requirements of a variety of loads.